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So it seems I got free access for the game and jsut now played it. I really loved the first one even if I only got slightly stucked with jars  puzzle for some it wasn't clear that I needed to drag and drop. Maybe because is the only drag-and-drop puzzle, while the rest are point-and-click

I loved that you put the quince jam pastry. I don't think quince jam is popular in the English-speaking world, here in Argentina it's quite popular. You have quince jelly and quince paste. Usually we used quince paste in pastries, tarts and a dessert with cheese.

Thank  you!!


Another great adventure in Moroi Springs. The pacing, the colors, the sounds, all made for a tense atmosphere which I think works great. And the ending... now I want chapter 3. :) 


We couldn't be more happy with both your comment and your walkthrough! :) 
Thank you 🙏 


Glad you like it. Really awesome work with this new chapter. :)


I just finished playing part II - while its a slow game, I was constantly in the edge of my seat. Amazing game, 10/10 ambience, just the right amount of anxiety XD. Am I correct to assume - due to Ozana's visions - that we'll be getting a part III?

Thank you for your support. Glad you enjoyed the game. 

Interesting assumption ;) We would love to continue the story in Moroi Springs, but at the moment we are taking a mini-vacation from the project. 

Keep in touch.


Like the first episode, beautiful and eerie at the same time. Already waiting for the next one :)


Thank you for your kind words and support. We appreciate it!

MS Team🖤


Loved the first one and so excited to play but getting an error when I try to install- the install field (where you would normally select the file) has nothing in it. Trying to play on a Mac.


Thank you for your kind words. The game is available to purchase as pre-order. The official launch date is on September 1st! (just 10 more day to go) 

At the moment, we're chasing a few bugs in Winterlore II. We hope you will enjoy the second episode.