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break the curse of Yaga

Legend has it, that after God created the World, he scattered the crumbs left from his bag of miracles in the place that is now Moroi Springs. The land began to be inhabited by strange creatures to balance out the good and the bad in the World.

Follow the story of Ozana and her new found powers. The traditions she knew inside out bring a new meaning to her way of life and to Mamaie’s customs. She’ll mend herbs, brew concoctions and cook sweets for the solstice feast. Along the way she’ll encounter guests bringing in new beginnings, while others appear uninvited into the home.


  • Uncover the region of Moroi Springs and its mysteries
  • Discover lost traditions and folklore by solving puzzles
  • Immerse in the narrative through hand-crafted graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack
  • Unveil the hidden story by examining old objects and connect the dots


If you're feeling stuck, we made a walkthrough of the game. Follow this link for answers.

If you like our game and want to hear more about the Moroi Springs universe follow us on social media. We love to share mysteries with you! 🖤- MS


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorMoroi Springs
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withAudacity, Blender
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Casual, Dark, Escape Game, Mouse only, Mystery, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Romanian Moldavian Moldovan
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Winterlore Chapter II v1530 Win.zip 76 MB
Winterlore Chapter II v1530 Mac.zip 139 MB

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hello :) there is a prevision for being avaiable on play store?

Oooohh that ending hit hard!! Oh nooo!!!
Really enjoyed both entries and definitely hope to see more of this, the atmosphere is so memorable and wonderful and the writing so efficient with the casual horror stuff. Love the lil creature in the hole.
Gameplay-wise, I did get confused and a bit stuck a few times, but never very long; I got frustrated by things like needing to chop the log before I can use it, but everything still made sense and the game always gave me enough hints to figure it out without too much fuss.


This, and part |, were amazing! Wonderfully done puzzle games, and I'm proud to admit I didn't need any help from the walkthrough! I will say though, I ended up running into a bit of a bug within the jar puzzle, and accidentally layered two of the jars on top of one another, making it nearly impossible for me to actually complete it, and thus, the game. I managed to pull through--deleting and reinstalling the game proving mighty handy--and finished the game! 

Fascinated by the lore and characters at play, it's so interesting. Thank you for creating, may you create many more :D

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I just played both chapters today, and this game was amazing! The puzzles sometimes stumped me, but the walkthrough helped through those couple of times. Once I got the hang of it though, I was able to figure out most with some effort lol

My question though... 


What happened to vasily?? Does he come back?


Congratulations, both chapters are exceptional, especially the second one.

I really enjoyed the pace, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the folklore... everything actually!

Hope to see more in the future!

Just completed chapter 1 and really enjoyed it...one bad thing ch. 2 is on ios & im a mobile gamer,an android user...hope CH. 2 will come to android soon :)


So it seems I got free access for the game and jsut now played it. I really loved the first one even if I only got slightly stucked with jars  puzzle for some it wasn't clear that I needed to drag and drop. Maybe because is the only drag-and-drop puzzle, while the rest are point-and-click

I loved that you put the quince jam pastry. I don't think quince jam is popular in the English-speaking world, here in Argentina it's quite popular. You have quince jelly and quince paste. Usually we used quince paste in pastries, tarts and a dessert with cheese.

Thank  you!!


Another great adventure in Moroi Springs. The pacing, the colors, the sounds, all made for a tense atmosphere which I think works great. And the ending... now I want chapter 3. :) 


We couldn't be more happy with both your comment and your walkthrough! :) 
Thank you 🙏 


Glad you like it. Really awesome work with this new chapter. :)


I just finished playing part II - while its a slow game, I was constantly in the edge of my seat. Amazing game, 10/10 ambience, just the right amount of anxiety XD. Am I correct to assume - due to Ozana's visions - that we'll be getting a part III?

Thank you for your support. Glad you enjoyed the game. 

Interesting assumption ;) We would love to continue the story in Moroi Springs, but at the moment we are taking a mini-vacation from the project. 

Keep in touch.


Like the first episode, beautiful and eerie at the same time. Already waiting for the next one :)


Thank you for your kind words and support. We appreciate it!

MS Team🖤


Loved the first one and so excited to play but getting an error when I try to install- the install field (where you would normally select the file) has nothing in it. Trying to play on a Mac.


Thank you for your kind words. The game is available to purchase as pre-order. The official launch date is on September 1st! (just 10 more day to go) 

At the moment, we're chasing a few bugs in Winterlore II. We hope you will enjoy the second episode.