Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year !! ๐ŸŽŠ 

2021 has been a year of confusion. Work, social gatherings, and lockdowns were tied to day-to-day life. I know for us, this year has been challenging. Suppose you happen to notice the lack of activity on the page. In that case, it's because life happened, and we had to make some changes, take a break and start focusing on what's important. We are committed to delivering the best possible stories in the Moroi Springs universe. That is why we will continue to release the following games much more rarely than we previously intended. We can't say for sure when you can expect a new game from us, but we can tell you can expect a game from us. We have learned a lot from you, our players, and this experience. We hope to rise to the occasion and deliver a series of longer, challenging, and even more fun games. We hope we will see you again in the following year, and we hope you will give us continued feedback for the games to come. 

Meanwhile, we wish you peaceful and prosperous New Year!

-- ๐Ÿ–คMS

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Happy New Year!
Keep up the good work, don't worry about release dates!


Thank you and Happy New Year! :) 


I'm so glad to hear from the team, happy 2022! Life happens, as you said, and it is more than understandable - the past 2 years have been tumultuous, if anything.
Good to know we can expect (at some moment, in the future) more games! I'll happily wait. In the meantime, have a wonderful 2022 and may this year be less chaotic. Cheers!

Happy New Year ! We wish you a kick-ass and amazing 2022.  ^^

Thank you for your wonderful words. The support we receive from the community means a lot to us. We'll update how things develop. Cheers :)